Neurosis Facts: 12 Surprising Things Neurotic People Do

Neurosis! How many of you have heard of the term? Well, I am sure some medical students and some other few. But did you know the exact meaning of neurosis and what are the  symptoms and causes of this situation? Well, we’d be telling you some amazing neurosis facts about the whole thing and the diseases one might have which are common without you even knowing about it. 

Here are the Neurosis facts you must know!

Neurosis: It is a situation when one undergoes mental disorders and some different as well as common changes in life and mind. It is not any kind of delusion or hallucination. It is a sort of period involving distress and chemical inflation in mind.

Types of Disorders:

1 . Post-traumatic stress disorder
2. Somatization disorder
3. Anxiety Disorder
4. Panic Disorder
5. Phobias
6. Dissociation disorder
7.  Obsessive compulsive disorder
8. Adjustment disorder

Disorders that are considered as a neurotic disorder include a wide variety of emotional and physical symptoms or manifestations. Anxiety and fear are common symptoms of many disorders that are considered a neurosis or neurotic disorder.

Some Other Symptoms are: 

Palpitations, rapid heart rate, hyperventilation, muscle pain, abdominal pain, headache, numbness, tingling,  low self-esteem, anger, irritability, obsessive thoughts, obsessive behaviors, dependency, and perfectionism.

The cause behind these disorders can be emotional distress, depression, Alchohol or drug consumption etc. This generally arises when one is suffering from a heartaches on some serious day to day life.


Neurosis Facts: 12 Things Neurotic Person Do:

1. Excessive Cleaning because your Eyes Can’t Ignore Dirt and Dust.

neurosis facts

2. You sleep A lot because 8 Hours Sleep is Not sleep for You.

neurosis facts

3. People Muttering about something always looks like Back Bitching to You.

neurosis facts

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