12 Awesome Things That Will Help You Nerd Out At Home

Being a fanboy or a fangirl is pretty common these days. There are many people who love to nerd about that. Being a nerd or a geek about a TV show is a trend these days. Every geek’s home has at least one thing that will show his nerdy side.

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Here are 12 awesome things that will help you nerd out at home.

1. Captain America night-light

This Captain America shining light comes with a 3D sticker to give the appearance that the shield has smashed out through your wall. The soothing glow acts as a perfect night light

things that help at home being a nerd



2. Rick and Morty Monopoly Game

Just a regular monopoly associated with Rick and Morty where you can buy, trade or sell stuff from locations like Cromulon Dimension, Gazorpazorp and Planet Squanch.

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3. Game of Thrones inspired toilet decal

This decal will convert your regular toilet instantly into what feels like an iron throne. How often do you get a chance to be the king of seven kingdoms every morning?

nerd home



4. Doctor Who Tardis Jewellery box

This wooden jewelry box contains drawers and some efficiently designed compartments which have been provided with hangers. You can put all the cool things of which you are exceedingly proud of and collected over the years.

nerd home



5. A beauty and the best toothbrush holder.

This toothbrush holder is one of the best gifts you can possibly buy for a Disney lover.

nerd home


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