Celebs Who Chose To Insure Their Most Unimaginable Body Parts!  -

Celebs Who Chose To Insure Their Most Unimaginable Body Parts! 

What basically is insurance if asked to a normal person like you? It’s a cover and a sort of backup that everyone has in their life in case something happens and they are no longer able to use that thing or even themselves. There are infinite insurance companies that provide different services for different things, from life insurance to car/bike insurance. And this is very useful for a normal citizen considering what they earn.But what do celebs insure as they don’t have anything of that value that can not be bought again by any amount of money?

They insure their body parts! Yes you read it right the only thing which can not be brought back at any kind of price is the body parts of their’s and since it’s their only mode of earning money nothing can be done to get them back, so this is the most important thing to them.

You might have heard about this many times as these acts of craziness going around media but in reality, that’s what it matters. If you spent your lifetime earnings on a costly car and it gets damaged there is no way you’re ever driving it again without an insurance and same goes for celebs, if they spent lifetime harnessing a talent and due to some mishap that gets damaged the there is no way they’re getting it back.

Let’s take a look at these celebs who insured body parts:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo



He insured his legs and that too for a whopping $144 Million. The football forward currently is the FIFA Player of the year and his team won the La Liga this year.

2. Madonna


One of the greatest singers right now had to insure her “Breasts” for $2 Million.

3. Keith Richards


Keith Richards, English guitarist, and founder member of rock band, The Rolling Stones, got his middle fingers insured for $1.6 million.The celebrity has been known for his vulgar language and obscene body language. So it’s quite predictable what he had to ensure.

4. Tina Turner


She’s called the queen of Rock N Roll and for her, the most important thing in her body is her legs and she did insure them for $3.2 Million. 

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