Women Share What's It Really Like To Be Living With Debilitating Periods! -

Women Share What’s It Really Like To Be Living With Debilitating Periods!

Well, nobody really likes period cramps now do they? But, we girls are left with no choice than to deal with it every month. But, you know what really really sucks real bad? Dealing with the most debilitating periods. Yup, these women have shared their stories which are no less than a victory!

Do you too suffer from the most debilitating periods ever? Then, you too would relate to these!

1. Well, I can definitely relate to you sister!women suffer from debilitating periods

2. I still keep birth control as the last resort. I don’t think I can explain to many as to why am I on birth control!

3.  Okay, so it really a pain in the uterus. And, believe me, I want it to end.

4. Okay, so my mom was really understanding, cause she herself went through the same excruciating pain so she let me skip school.

5. Well, I hope that it is really working for you.

6. I think I really need to do the same now. I don’t know, but I think that’s gonna work though.

7. Well, yeah, that’s what they say. But, I don’t know though!

8. Okay, now you’re really starting to scare me with this thing!

9. Whoa! That is really the best description I’ve come across so far.

10. I don’t know about the pooping part though, but I can definitely relate to the rest.

11. I don’t think anybody ever really likes getting their periods.

12. Okay, I definitely didn’t know anything about this. But, I think I definitely need to reconsider.

13. That sounds reassuring but isn’t much.

14. So, I guess you are looking on the brighter side of it, Eh?

15. Wow, looks like you have the total package.

16. You know what they, you never know the value of something when you have it.

17. Nah, not in my case, 5 days, and irritating cramps.

18. Crying, fainting, I can relate to, not pooping and throwing up though.

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19. Well, that’s one way of taking care of it.

20. Uh, what?


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