Witty Ideas That Are Either Pure Genius Or Completely Idiotic. -

Witty Ideas That Are Either Pure Genius Or Completely Idiotic.

Ever had super genius ideas? Well genius to you but idiotic to others. These fellas had somewhat the same ideas too. We’ll let you be the judge of them.

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1. I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This. 

Idiotic genius ideas via

Will the milk pour perfectly into the glass? Or will it spill everywhere? Find out on the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z!

2. I Am Gonna Have To Admit That This Is One Of The Most Epic Ideas Of All Time. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

You can’t fight Jackie. Jackie’s got her priorities all sorted out.

3. This Seems Idiotic Enough. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

Who comes up with all these weird ideas anyway?

4. Imagine Being Stuck In An Infinite Loop. 

Idiotic genius ideas


This GIF is pure genius by the way!

5. Genius Or Idiotic? You Be The Judge Of This. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

I wonder what the characters were like.

6. Oh Wow! I Really Really Need That In My Life. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

So beautiful and genius!

7. You’re Just Giving Me More Reasons To Look At Your Cleavage. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

Now that’s a genius conspiracy.

8. Just Shut Up And Take My Money Already! 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

This is brilliant! Who made this?

9. When You See It. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

Genius right? Just cook and stream the match on your phone. No problem at all.

10. People Who Have Played Pac-Man Will Appreciate Ideas Such As This One.

Idiotic genius ideasvia

You can punch someone with this too but I’m not sure which one will get more hurt.

11. Dum Dum! You Give Me Gum Gum.

Idiotic genius ideasvia

Night At The Museum anyone?

12. Mobile Phone Hanging Dangerously Over Your Bath Tub? I’d Say That’s Pretty Lazy And Idiotic! 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

Why would anyone come up with such hazardous ideas?

13. This Guy Must Have A Very Big And Idiotic Family To Come Up With Such Ideas. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

At least get a bar to hold on to or something, please!

14. Is This One Of The Most Genius Ideas Or The Most Idiotic One? I Can’t Decide. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

I really can’t decide. It’s so clever yet at the same time, utterly juvenile.

15.  Ideas Like These Are Needed For The Improvement Of Our Societies. Why Aren’t We Funding This? 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

Why aren’t these things mass produced? I demand answers!

16. Yo. That Is One Hell Of An Invention. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

You can even implement this idea on a shawl which you can use in winters.

17. Took Me A Few Seconds To Notice The Elephant In The Room. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

Do you see it?

18. Holy Shit That’s Creepy! 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

No way I’m driving stick in that car.

19. Cute Things You Can Try With Your Girlfriend. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

I’m definitely doing this one.

20. I’m All Set To Go To War. 

Idiotic genius ideasvia

I’m impenetrable bishes!

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