Ways To Add Love And Romance In Life After Having Kids -

Ways To Add Love And Romance In Life After Having Kids

You know how movies show that couples after having kids lose the charm in their relationship. Well, apparently they take inspiration from real life. Many couples bid adieu to romance after having kids. But there are couples who know how to handle the little ones and at the same time they handle and their love life too. If you are shocked how do they do it then keep reading?

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1. Date nights

Dates are good. They really are. You started dating each other and fell in love. So, the easiest thing to rekindle your romance after having kids is dates. Take your partner to a romantic place or take them somewhere special. Also, if you are planning an indoor date, don’t forget to talk in hushed tones.

Rekindle Romance After Having Kids


2. Spoil them

I don’t mean the kids. Just because you have kids, it doesn’t mean that you will have to leave your partner at bay. Take care of your spouse. It gives the kids a happy home and a secure environment. What else the kids need. Therefore, give some attention to your husband even after having kids.

Rekindle Romance After Having KidsVia

3. PDA

I know this is tough when it comes to PDA after having kids. Remember that time when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Why not do it now? We know romance becomes the toughest part of the arrival of offsprings but a small kiss or hugs goes a long way.

Rekindle Romance After Having KidsVia

4. Different modes

Being a mom is great but you can’t forget about yourself. So, make the bedtime, your time. Tuck the kids in bed and take a shower after all this. It will not only refresh your mind but will make your husband crave for you. This is a great help if you want the romance back.

Rekindle Romance After Having KidsVia

5. Get flirty

Just because you are his wife it doesn’t mean you can’t flirt with him. Don’t stop being his girlfriend. Get your naughty side forward and see the magic it creates. Romance shouldn’t take a back seat after kids. If you don’t want to gross them out then find some smart moves.

Rekindle Romance After Having KidsVia

6. Get gifts

Give each other small gifts. Show that just because you have kids now you haven’t forgotten the art of romance. Spend time with each other and laugh together. If this doesn’t bring back the romance then what will?

Rekindle Romance After Having KidsVia

7. No competition

Please don’t get in the fight of who has it hard. If you start comparing each other’s work, it will get more pathetic. Romance dies after having kids because most of the couples start comparing their work and how hard it is. That’s why it’s a no-no. This comparison really kills the romance.


8. No mothering

We see many couples where the wife eventually becomes the mother. It’s sad. Stop mothering him. He already has a mother. After having kids your motherly nature might be high but it’s not necessary to shower it on your husband and kill the romance.

Rekindle Romance After Having KidsVia

9. Like a team

You both come from different families and have faced different parenting situations. Hence, your ideas of parenting are different. That’s why don’t force your partner to follow-in. Work as a team and see the awesomeness that comes with it. These silly fights kill the romance.

Rekindle Romance After Having KidsVia

11. Making love

This is the part that gets most hampered after having kids. Making love is important if you want the romance back. Give yourself some time and get to bed.

Rekindle Romance After Having KidsVia

12. Don’t give up

This is the worst that you can do to your relationship. Whatever happens, never give up on your relationship. If you feel tired of this relationship then think of your relationship and the way you fell in love. Romance doesn’t have to die after kids enter the scene.

Rekindle Romance After Having KidsVia

Get ready to add spice to romance.

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