If You Think That Your Friend's Dad is Hot, You're Not The Only One Out There! -

If You Think That Your Friend’s Dad is Hot, You’re Not The Only One Out There!

Well, it often happens that we develop a liking towards someone that we can never really explain. But, you will know awkwardness than ever before when you start to find your friend’s dad hot. Yeah, so this thing is really real.

I don’t know about you but I find these confessions about finding your friend’s dad hot rather creepy!

1. Whoa! That is really a really inappropriate conversation to have with your friend.

friend's dad is hot

2. That is my father you hoes now leave me alone!3. Well, I would be furious too if somebody was finding my dad attractive!4. Whoa! These girls are definitely number one creeps and are so definitely not your friends!5. True that! And honestly, that is definitely gross to even think about it!6.  That is definitely really unacceptable!7. Well, that can definitely get really awkward on so many levels!8. Whoa! Getting hit on by teenagers really has its perks. 9. Well, apparently your teacher does that, and really have some shame girls!10.11. You so definitely did the right thing, and really you should be proud of yourself!12. No, he isn’t, please honestly, go get your own sugar daddy and leave my dad the hell alone!13. You should slap her across her face and ask her to stay the fuck away from your dad. 14. Um, that is definitely so so creepy, lady get a life! 15. Okay, that is definitely the worse thing.16. Well, I’d say that people are crazy and don’t know how to make a difference between right and wrong.17. Omg! That is definitely my reaction right now.18. You should have thrown her out of your house!read also: 19 People Confess They Probably Have Texting Anxiety Because They Can’t Text First!

19.  Are you ever gonna get somebody who is actually interested in only you and not your parents?read also: Sex Memes To Send Your Boyfriend When You Feel ‘Naughty’ But Too Shy To Say It.

20.  Well, somethings never really change!


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