Statistics Show That These Everyday Harmless Items Have Actually Caused A Lot Of Deaths. -

Statistics Show That These Everyday Harmless Items Have Actually Caused A Lot Of Deaths.

We really do take the things around us for granted. Thank God everyday appliances don’t kill us like they show it in the Final Destination movies but if we are not careful enough then these perfectly harmless items can lead to a number of deaths. Let statistics be the proof of these claims.
1. Television Sets.
Deaths harmless statistics
Statistics show that 215 people in the US have been crushed to death by falling tv sets between 2000 and 2011. And by the way, who the hell throws his tv at outside? These people need to get their shit together.
2. Playground Equipment.
Deaths harmless statistics
Even something as harmless as playground equipments have caused as much as 150 deaths in the last 10 years in the US.
3. An Extra Marital Affair. 
Okay, an extra marital affair is anything but harmless but it shouldn’t be life-threatening either. However, statistics have shown that about 75% of deaths that have happened during sexual intercourse involve cheating husbands who’ve been killed by their jealous wives.
4. Padded Cribs. 
Statistics show that 23 infants deaths were caused by suffocation due to a padded crib between the years 2006 and 2012 in the US.
5. Balloons. 
Even items like balloons aren’t completely harmless. It was reported that between 1973 and 1988, 121 children suffocated to death due to a balloon stuck in their windpipe. In the recent years, as much as 12 children have died due to balloons in the US alone.
6. Ladders. 
Some people believe that passing under a propped up ladder is bad luck and they might be right as ladders have caused as much as 5000 serious injuries and 355 deaths in the past decade.
7. Hot Dogs.
Statistics have shown as much as 10,000 children are rushed in to emergency rooms because they were choking on their food. Upto 70% of them result in death and around 17% of these deaths are caused by choking on hotdogs. Who knew that an everyday harmless food item such as a hotdog could prove so deadly!
8. Cloth Dryers.
According to US Fire Administration, the clogged filters of cloth dryers cause around 3000 fires every year. These dryers are pretty harmless but their clogged filters lead to around 5 deaths and 100 injuries per year in US alone.
9. Space Heaters.
Harmless everyday appliances like a compact heater have caused nearly 10000 fires which has lead to the deaths of around 200 souls.
10. Kid’s Inflatable Amusements.
Harmless inflatable toys and play houses which kids love to bounce on has caused a whopping 113272 injuries during 2003 and 2013.
11. Staircases.
Harmless ordinary stairs are said to be the cause of  12000 deaths annually.
12. Elevators.
Statistics have also shown that around 27 people die around elevators.

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