These Signs Say That You Masturbate Too Much And Are Hopelessly Addicted To It. 

It’s a beautiful day, let’s masturbate. It’s a cold night, let’s fap. It’s a hot afternoon, let me choke my chicken. It doesn’t matter what day or time it is, if a person is addicted to it, he’s gonna do it. Here are a few more tell tale signs of it.

1. You’re So Addicted That You Masturbate To The Extent Of Physical Pain. 

Masturbate addicted


Yes, you might feel a slight pain in your groin if you’re doing more than required.

2. You Feel Like Doing It Again. Even Though You Just Did It. 

Masturbate addicted


You might feel good about your ability to do it successively but it’s not healthy for you.

3. A Lot Of Times You’re Doing It Out Of Habit. 

Masturbate addicted


Yes, out of habit. Not because you were feeling horny or anything. Just because you are used to doing it. 

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