What Would You Do If Your Siblings Married Your Exes? -

What Would You Do If Your Siblings Married Your Exes?

Siblings are supposed to make your life a living hell. But some siblings take this sibling rivalry way too seriously. And, let me tell you this isn’t some stealing clothes kinda rivalry, but something you would have to put up for the rest of your lives. I don’t know how would you react if your siblings married any of your exes but I’d really feel pity for the poor soul.

These people found out that their siblings married their exes! (I mean c’mon people!)

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1. Whoa, this sister doesn’t seem to have any chill!siblings married their exes

2. I mean of all the girls you had to marry your brother’s ex?siblings married their exes

3. If I had to take a guess, I’d say for quite a long time.siblings married their exes

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4. But, it looks like, your brother doesn’t creep out one bit.siblings married their exes

5. Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold your horses there pal. Too much complicated.siblings married their exes

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6. And you live together? Like seriously girl?siblings married their exes

7. Nobody can stand their ex, but your sister is quite the pain in the ass as well.siblings married their exes

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8. And I should be congratulating your sister for being such a bitch.siblings married their exes

9. That is what step siblings do apparently, take away everything that you have.siblings married their exes

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10. Do nothing, sit back and see them come crumbling down.siblings married their exes

11. Ouch! You shouldn’t attend the wedding. Believe me, your mother is the reason she is marrying your fiance.siblings married their exes

12. He wouldn’t have known it either I guess!siblings married their exes

13.siblings married their exes

14. Well, there isn’t much you can do about it!siblings married their exes

15. How can sisters do that to you? I mean, don’t they have a conscience or something?siblings married their exes

16. She wasn’t your best friend or sister in the first place.siblings married their exes

17. Of course, it does. siblings married their exes

18. Wow, what a nice bitch.siblings married their exes

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19. That is just great! I mean seriously?siblings married their exes

20. I guess so!siblings married their exes


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