15 Of The Scariest Four Word Sentence Ever! -

15 Of The Scariest Four Word Sentence Ever!

What is the one thing that scares you the most? For me, it is falling out of love. But different people have different fears. But what happens when these fears are put in front of you in form of sentences. Yep, these are probably the scariest, most hurting and heartbreaking four word sentence you don’t ever wish to hear.

Which of these scariest four word sentence haunt you the most?

1. Indeed this is something that is somebody’s worst fear.scariest four word sentence

2. I don’t wish anybody has to hear this, I wish this ceases to exist.scariest four word sentence

3. You put all your effort to love someone, and in the end, people replace you.scariest four word sentence

4. So, sometimes, the demons don’t come right after your soul. They actually take it away piece by piece. Making castles of dreams and hopes only for it to come crumbling down.scariest four word sentence

5. You know, I don’t think this is scary, I think this is a blessing. I would definitely want to know this one. Don’t get me wrong, but think that you can say a proper goodbye to your loved ones. Wouldn’t that be okay for this life?

scariest four word sentence

6. Yeah, this one definitely hurts.

scariest four word sentence

7. I, as a woman, as somebody who loves kids, don’t wish this on my worst enemy.

scariest four word sentence

8. Please, no, not this one.

scariest four word sentence

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9. Well, even after all these all you could come up with was this?

scariest four word sentence

10.  Just because you don’t like continuing anymore?scariest four word sentence

11. Haha! 

scariest four word sentence

12. No, I know this is a part of life and all, but no.scariest four word sentence

13. How can you make memories and just erase them?

scariest four word sentence

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14. No.
scariest four word sentence15. You can’t or you won’t?
scariest four word sentence

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