Most Savage Comebacks Ever! #4 Will Make Your Day. 

Comebacks are sweet. But they stay only for a fleeting moment. Fortunately, these savage af comebacks will stay on the internet forever.

1. Stephen Hawkins Is A Savage!

Savage Comebacks


British professor John Oliver travelled to Cambridge to interview Stephen Hawkins for HBOs “People Who Think Good”. During the interview, Oliver asked Hawkins if there was a parallel universe where he was smarter than Hawkins. He got a reply that went down as the sickest burn in the history of comebacks.

2. No Ones Hiring Your Lazy Self. 

Savage Comebacks


Life can be very cruel. Twitter user Ellie MacDonald learned it the hard way that even her last resort employment plan is a bust.

3. This Is Why I Block My Family On Social Media. 

Savage Comebacks


Parent comebacks are the best. Nobody can be more savage than your parents when they are out to roast you. 

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