12 Romantic Disasters That Actually Happened. #8 Was Quite Worth It. -

12 Romantic Disasters That Actually Happened. #8 Was Quite Worth It.

Romance brings out many things in us. Stupidity is sure one of them. You’ll never believe how far people will go in the name of romance. Here are twelve such romantic disasters some of which were actually worth it.
1. They Just Wanted To Spice Things Up. So They Staged A Kidnapping….
Romantic Disasters worth it
A Portland couple wanted to heat things up for Valentine’s Day. Since both Nikolas Harbar and Stephanie Pelzner had a thing for kidnapping, they came up with one of the worst ideas which later on proved to be one of the biggest romantic disasters in history. Nikolas duct taped his nude girlfriend and threw her into the back of his car while he drives around running his errands. Someone spotted Stephanie in the car and alerted the police who arrested both of them. Totally worth it right?
2. A Surprise Robbery. What Could Go Wrong?
Jeffrey Siegel asked a friend of his to ambush Jeffrey and his girlfriend while they were on a walk. Why? Because good ol’ Jeff wanted to look like a hero in front of his girlfriend after he’d have fought the attacker off. Unfortunately, the plan went south. Jeffreys girlfriend fled and called the cops who promptly sent out the k9 units after Jeffrey’s friend. Jeff later confessed everything to the cops. What do you think? Was it worth it or was it one of the biggest romantic disasters?
3. This Couple Had A Bit Too Much In Common. 
Imagine you find the perfect person. Get married to them and later on find out that you were their twin. That’s exactly what happened to a British couple. They realized the incestuousness of the situation only after getting married. They annulled the marriage later.
4. But The Thing That Matters Is That Ruth Said Yes. 
Clifford Cohen arranged hay bales in a field to spell “Will you marry me?”. Then he arranged for his friend to light up the bales with his car headlights. However, Cohen’s friend didn’t show up so his brother decided to light the hay on fire. Which ended up becoming the worst romantic disasters ever. The brother was arrested for arson but Ruth said yes so I guess it was worth it in the end.
5. Jordan Cardella Got Himself Shot. 
Jordan was quite heartbroken after his girlfriend left him so he asked his friend to shoot him thrice and make it look like a robbery. He believed this would get him sympathy from his girlfriend and he could have a chance at wooing her again. However, things went south after the first shot and Jordan had to be rushed to a hospital. Neither his girlfriend not the cops were amused by their actions. This wasn’t even worth it.
6. Now That’s Simply Idiotic. 
A biracial couple, the Williams were having marriage troubles and a messy divorce was well on its way. So the husband decided to stage a fake hate crime. He Staged an attack by the KKK in his lawn and left a note which said: “better not leave that N-word”. His wife was a bit slow to realise that the KKK doesn’t support biracial marriage.
7. Let Me Put Myself In A Box And Have It Mailed To My Girlfriend. What Could Go Wrong? It’d Be Worth It Right? 
Wrong! A guy named Hu Seng decided he’d do just that but it turned out to be one of the most deadly romantic disasters ever! He estimated that he’d reach his girlfriend in 20 minutes but it took him more than 3 hours to finally get delivered. When his girlfriend opened the box she found her boyfriend passed out inside it. Thankfully, he survived.
8. They Wanted To Have Sex On The Moon. Until They Got Greedy.
A NASA intern stole moon rock samples. A lot of them. He then went to a hotel with his mistress who happened to be his colleague as well. Then they set the rocks under the mattress to have sex on the moon. All of this became one of the best romantic disasters only after they were caught by the FBI for trying to sell the rocks on the black market. Totally worth it though.
9. He Pretended To Be A Rich Guy. Even Broke Into A Mansion To Prove It.
Romantic Diasters worth it
Tom Blauvelt only wanted to impress his girlfriend’s parents. So he lied to them that his recently deceased aunt gave him a mansion as an inheritance. He invited his potential in-laws over and set his plan into motion. All went south when the original occupants showed up and called the cops. Tom was charged with breaking and entering as well as for sexual misconduct. Why? Because his girl was only 15 years old.
10. He Said He Could Fly. Which He Obviously Couldn’t.
Michael Santos was determined to fly after bragging about it. He took his girlfriend to the local airstrip. Stole a plane. Started it and taxied around for a while before crashing it into a soybean field. The total cost of the damages he caused were around $160,000.
11. Howard Walmsley Won The Lottery. Only He Didn’t.
Howard was having financial problems so he decided to pretend that he didn’t have any financial problem. He told his wife and everyone that he’d won the lottery and used this ruse as collateral to get loans from multiple banks. 2 years and several frauds later he got caught.
12. This Iranian Guy Got A Tattoo Of His Girlfriend’s Initials. 
Except it was on his penis which also left him with a permanent erection. The tattoo ended up giving him a condition which didn’t allow the blood to leave his penis. Which means permanent boner for life. What’s even more ridiculous is that he decided not to have surgery to correct it.

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