This Tumblr Post Hilariously Shows How Recipes From Different Countries Look Like -

This Tumblr Post Hilariously Shows How Recipes From Different Countries Look Like

Well, who doesn’t love to know a bit more about the recipes from different countries? But, how much do we really know what really makes each recipe so different? Well, it’s a lot of things mixed together. But we don’t have the time to know about all that do we? So, here’s a Tumblr post to make your work quick and easy!

This Tumblr post hilariously summarises the recipes from different countries and we couldn’t agree more!

1. The French and Italian Recipes.

Besides not using garlic like the “other group” they like to keep it simple. I’m just kidding. Well, he kind of has a point you know!

If you want to know anything about the recipes, you better get the information from the Italian Grannies. Or else, may the Lord save you!

2. The English Recipes.

Salt it. Boil it. Done!

3. The American recipes.

If it isn’t available in a can, then you can’t cook. I’m sorry, but you really can’t do much about it!

recipes from different countries

4. The Chinese Recipes.

Well, you gotta cook from your heart. And what the hell is measuring the ingredients? You put what you feel is right!

5. The Greek Recipes.

My Friend, this is the one thing you are never gonna get it right. Ever. Period.

6. The Australian Recipes.

Well, well, you eat what you cook. No, recipe!

7. The Latin Recipes.

No one, I repeat it, No one can ever make it better than your abuela. You better not argue.

8. The Armenian Recipes.

No matter how hard you try, nobody is ever gonna compliment you about what you cook. Fun fact!

9. The Canadian Recipes.

Okay, bacon? check, maple syrup? check, gravy? check. Holy shit! Not three of them together!

10. The Filipino Recipes.

I can’t take soy sauce into my system anymore! Lord save me!

11. The Irish Recipes.

Well, my friend, if you really crave potatoes every time you see food. Then you are already a pro at Irish recipes. Just make potatoes and you’re done!

12. The Slovenian Recipes. 

Weeds, gardens, soups, I think I’m ready for the challenge!

13. The Ukranian Recipes.

Just garlic, dare if you add anything else!

14. The Polish Recipes.

Feel. The. Dough!

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15. The Indian Recipes.

Don’t even try. DON’T!

16. The Jewish Recipes.

Well, don’t forget the onions!


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