Did You Know That The Legendary Pornstar Johnny Sins Is A Family Man?  -

Did You Know That The Legendary Pornstar Johnny Sins Is A Family Man? 

We’ve all seen Johnny Sins as a plumber, a teacher, a janitor, doctor, patient and even an astronaut. But could you ever imagine him as a family man?

Johnny Sins family man


Yes. Johnny Sins is indeed a family guy.

Let’s Do A Brief Background On Johnny Sins. 

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Before Johnny Sins was bald and banging, he was known as Steve Wolfe. Born on December 31, 1998. Wolfe probably had no idea how famous he would eventually become. He finally became Johnny Sins in 2006 and later on, the man we now know.

He Wanted To Be His Own Man. 

Johnny Sins family manvia 

After graduating from college. He was quick to realise that marketing was not the field he wanted to be in.

So He Packed Up His Things And Moved To Los Angeles. 

Johnny Sins family manvia 

He went there looking for a career in p0rn and it turned out to be the wisest decision of his life. Brazzers picked him up and his life took a completely different turn.

Now The Woman Who Johnny Is Committed To. 

Johnny Sins family manvia 

Johnny and Kissa who also uses the surname Sins met on Instagram after she approached him for a one night stand.

But The One Night Stand Became Something Different. Turns Out Johnny Is A Family Man. 

Johnny Sins family manvia 

They became inseparable and decided to be together. And they’ve been like that ever since. Who knew Johnny was a family man after all?

Kissa Started Out In The Porn Industry Just Like Johnny Did. 

Johnny Sins family manvia 

She felt like she didn’t belong in her mundane life and decided to try her luck in the P0rn industry.  Her videos were selected by higher ups after Johny shared her amateur videos. And thus Kissa Sins was born.

Both Of Them Are In Mad Love. Kissa Described The Family Man Sins As Adorable And Sweet. 

Johnny Sins family manvia 

She confessed that Johnny isn’t anything like the personas he plays on screen. No wonder he’s known as one of the most respected and hard-working guys in the industry.

They Sneak Away On Steamy Vacations. 

Johnny Sins family manvia 

And apart from taking pictures. They record themselves having sex too. Quite the family man and the raunchy wife right?

They Have Shot Professionally Under Brazzers Too. 

Johnny Sins family manvia 

Kissa and Johnny professionally shot their first videos for Brazzers in 2014. Ever since Kissa’s contract expired with Brazzers, she started working as a freelancer.

They Moved To Hawaii And Have Two Pitbulls. 

Johnny Sins family manvia

And we hope that they live happily forever.

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