25 Pictures To Make You Reconsider Everything About Disney! -

25 Pictures To Make You Reconsider Everything About Disney!

Well, Disney has pretty much been a part of our life. I mean who doesn’t love a Disney movie? But, honestly, growing up, I’ve realized that they don’t really depict the practicality of life. Well, these pictures did make me stand by my point. I know, you too would like to reconsider your faith in your favorite movies!

Here are some pictures which will definitely make you reconsider your favorite Disney movies!

1. wow, would you just look at that!reconsider you disney movies

2. That would have been a really nice ending to the movie!

3. Cats will be cats, YEah All Cats! Even the really big ones!

4. Never ever gift Snow White Apple products. Way too dangerous for her!

5. Well, that explains a lot about the shoe obsessions!

6. That just gave me my worst nightmare! This isn’t happening! This can’t be happening!

7. So, that is how Aurora fell asleep!

8. Cinderella was really a clever girl after all!

9. So, looks like, he is an Asshole even for an 11 year old.

10. Well, we weren’t expecting that, not at all!

11. This looks way cooler than some lame ass rescue mission!

12. You better learn your lessons, kids, you need to be really specific, or you’re just gonna end up as Ariel. 

13. Belle was really mean!

14. Beauty is not the most important thing after all!

15. Mulan -_-

16. Finally! Somebody who knew who things work!

17. Watch who you’re talking to “Princess”. Elsa is a queen and she knows better than you!

18. Uh-Oh! Mom, not here!

19. so, looks like, someone was lying all this while!

20. education is really important, even if you’re a fucking princess!

21. Okay, no sale!

22. Job done! SHOW ME THE MONEY!

23. Oops!

24.  That was just harsh bro!

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25. Well, well!


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