14 People Talk About All The Weird Things They Went Through While Doing The Deed.  -

14 People Talk About All The Weird Things They Went Through While Doing The Deed. 

Doing the deed is all well and good until you end up witnessing some pretty weird things which can be quite gruesome. These people had the misfortune of going through some of those.

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1. Someone’s One Hell Of An Overwatch Player! 

Weird things deed


I was giving my boyfriend oral sex when he pulled away without warning. As I looked up at him to see what was wrong, he screamed “JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE!” and shot his load in my eyes.

2. Of All The Weird Things To Happen While Doing The Deed. This One’s The Worst! 

Weird things deedvia 

I was having sex with my boyfriend who is a VERY loud moaner. He kept saying my name over and over again then all of a sudden his mom comes in and says “yes hun…oh God sorry”…that’s how I found out I have the same name as my boyfriend’s mom.


Weird things deedvia

I hooked up with the guy I’ve been seeing. Apparently, he doesn’t believe in condoms and took it off without my knowing; I didn’t realize until after. When I asked him in horror why he would do such a thing, he said “I love you. I want you to have my child.” It had been our second date.

3. Ohh Yeah Baby Let’s Get Groovy! 

Weird things deedvia 

I was on a second date with a guy. Things got a little handsy and he pulled down his pants to reveal a micro-penis. He then smiled and asked me to be his girlfriend.

4. Doing The Deed In The Shower Sounds Well And Good Until Weird Things Like This Happens. 

Weird things deedvia

While in the shower with my boyfriend, I tried to heat things up by washing his knob with my loofa. He couldn’t stop laughing and eventually laughed so hard that he slipped and fell. He now has a bruised butt while I have a missing toenail from catching his fall.

5. Help Me God! 

Weird things deedvia 

Things began to get hot and heavy between my boyfriend and I. Suddenly, in a deep, sexy voice, he whispered: “God help me for what I’m about to do.” Thinking it was just an odd manner of dirty talk, I mumbled about liking it. He then farted very loudly.

6. Well…. Okay…. 

Weird things deedvia 

I was having sex with my boyfriend. It was all going great until he decided to try talking dirty. His idea of this was moaning loudly, “Just what the pussy ordered” as he entered me.

7. One Night Stands Tend To Escalate Towards A Lot Of Weird Things. 

Weird things deedvia 

I had sex with a guy I met at a party and passed out in his bed. When I woke up at 3 am, he sat up and said, “You’re still here?

8. Once Again. Doing The Deed In The Shower Can Be Hazardous To Your Health. 

Weird things deedvia

My girlfriend and I were getting hot and steamy in the shower until I slipped and fell backward into the shower curtain, which caused me to hit the back of my head on the toilet seat, and the bar of the shower curtain to land on my throat.

9. I’m Good At Doing The Deed But Weird Things Happen When I Open My Mouth For Things Other Than Oral. 

Weird things deedvia 

I was having sex with an ex when he whispered in my ear, “Who’s my baby?” I, being very bad at dirty talk, said, “You.”

10. Hey It’s Not My Fault. It’s Just That You’re Unhygienic AF! 

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I was having sex with my girlfriend doggy-style and noticed a piece of toilet paper had been “left behind”. I had such a bad internal conflict about whether to tell her or to remove it myself, I went limp. She started crying and accused me of not being attracted to her anymore.
11. Those Things Are Well Rehearsed In The Movies Karen. 

Weird things deedvia

I was getting intimate with my husband, and I tried to do a swift position-change like they do in the movies. I wound up flipping off the bed and busting my nose open on the floor.
12. Damn. Imagine The Major Blow On The Girl’s Self Esteem. 

Weird things deedvia

I tried to be sexy by pulling down my girlfriend’s panties with my teeth. I didn’t expect to be faced with the mother of all shit stains and start gagging so bad I nearly puked.

13. Shut Up!

Weird things deedvia 

The first thing my fiancé did when he walked in the door was to loudly announce all the hot kinky stuff he was about to do to me on the kitchen table. Unfortunately for him my dad, mother and both my brothers had just dropped in for a visit and heard every word he said.

14. She’s A Keeper. 

Weird things deedvia 

I thought I’d spice things up by kissing my husband on the lips and then working my way down. But about halfway, I got some of his chest hairs lodged in my throat and started gagging. To avoid ruining the mood, I kept going, silently gagging, until we finished. I swallowed the hair.

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