People Need To Stop Following These Dumb Trends Now -

People Need To Stop Following These Dumb Trends Now

It would be fair to say that in this day and age, anything can get famous. Same is the case with these dumb trends that people have been following recently. But not anymore, we are done with this form of stupidity and we request people to stop following these dumb trends as soon as possible. For those of you wondering, what exactly are these dumb trends? Let’s find out.

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Here are the dumb trends that people should stop following


1. Invisible Dresses

Dumb Trends


For people who are slim and in legitimately good shape, it can prove to be sexy. But for those who are not, this is a disaster.


2. Grey Hair

Dumb Trendsvia

Why don’t you just wait for some years, they’ll turn grey themselves. You won’t have to spend even a dime that way.


3. Leggings As Pants

Dumb Trendsvia

Again, it can be sexy. But there’s more of a chance that it will prove to be embarrassing instead.


4. Fur Shoes

Dumb Trendsvia

They just don’t look right. Fur should strictly be used in clothes, not shoes.


5. Exposed Pockets

Dumb Trendsvia

This is one of the dumb trends that’d make you say, why, just why?


6. Frayed Hem Jeans

Dumb Trendsvia

Looks like some animal tried to eat your jeans, and it was successful to some extent.


7. Man Buns

Dumb Trendsvia

Buns aren’t for men. Straight and simple.


8. Wearing Fast Food

Dumb Trendsvia

It won’t be right to eat you up, will it? Never mix what you wear, with what you eat.


9. Ripped Jeans

Dumb TrendsVia

They’ve been in fashion for years. However, they only look good when they are done right, otherwise, they can make you look stupid as well.


10. Flower Beards

Dumb Trendsvia

No explanation needed for this one, the picture tells the entire story. Another stupid trend that needs to stop.


11. Bags With Pompoms

Dumb Trendsvia

Looks like an animal coming out of your bag. Just like you, we fail to understand this obsession.


12. Sheer Skirts

Dumb Trendsvia

Not elegant, not appealing, not a great fashion choice. There are a few exceptions, but they won’t look good on a normal person.


13. Wearing Fruits

Dumb Trends needs to stopvia

As I mentioned earlier, never mix what you eat with what you wear. It is as simple as that.


All we can do, is hope for some wisdom from people so that they stop following these dumb trends. Hopefully, soon these dumb trends will charge towards the path of extinction. Don’t forget to share this piece on social media.

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