People Recall Their Wild Experiences With Inappropriate And Sassy Doctors.  -

People Recall Their Wild Experiences With Inappropriate And Sassy Doctors. 

We go to see doctors when we are at our lowest, feeling very sick. Sometimes at these times, the doctors become sassy, inappropriate and somewhat creepy with their patients.

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1. Making An Example Of Patients

Inappropriate Doctors


“I came in for a suspected broken leg and he had a couple of residents with him. After the x-ray and having already found out my leg was indeed broken, he grabs my leg and looks to the residents and says “An old but reliable method for diagnosing a broken leg is to place a hand on the ankle, a hand on the knee, and place your knee in the center then pretend like you’re trying to break a stick. If they yell, their leg is broken.” He actually did it to me, three times, to “teach” these residents. I haven’t been back to him since.”

2. Some Doctors Could Care Less

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

One of the doctors in military recruitment post looks at me and says something like ‘ok, you’re fine,’ and writes down in my file that I’m healthy. I’m like ‘Excuse me, ma’am, I recall having pretty visible scoliosis for my entire life. You may want to consider checking my previous check record from two years ago in the same file you’re holding.’ To which she replies ‘Oh? Well, it seems to be gone now (!). This is usual when teenagers grow up (!!!)”. 

3. Some Doctors Become Too Inappropriate 

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

“When I was about 14 my doctor thought that I was a little too snarky, and before she walked out of the room, while I was lying face down on the sheet, she playfully smacked my butt with her clipboard and said ‘too tempting’. I don’t personally care at all that she did this. It doesn’t bother me, and I’m not putting any thought into it, but even though I don’t care, I’m aware of how other people would feel about that sort of thing, so still see it as a really bad idea to do that.”

4. Doctors Can Be Very Harsh In Judging Their Patients 

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

When I was a young teenager I had a lot of problems with ovarian cysts and had several surgeries to remove them. I woke one night with severe pain and was taken to the ER, where an unfamiliar doctor performed an ultrasound to see what was going on. He was gruff and cold toward me. I was already nervous and afraid when he jabbed down on my abdomen with the ultrasound device and remarked loudly ‘and HERE we see the scars from your ABORTION,’ in a very judgemental tone. I had never had an abortion, and I was just in shock, and sort of just laid there silently crying, too afraid to say anything.”

5. Doctors Sometimes Say The Most Inappropriate Things

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

I was getting braces and had my mouth open. The orthodontist said, “I’m sure the boys love you.” I was only 13 and it freaked me out because I was alone in the office with him.”

6. Doctors Who Wish Their Patients Dead

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

Not me, but overheard by my Mom who is now 90. She had pneumonia when she was 12 and was in the hospital at the Mayo clinic since she lived near there. One morning she hears Dr. Mayo outside her room ask the nurse, ‘Oh, is she still alive?’”

7. Doctors Who Are Literally Uninterested In Treating Their Patients

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

When I was in middle school I was getting sick every day coming home from school to vomit for hours go to sleep and repeat. This went on for about a week or so before I finally went to my doctor. Upon getting there the ONLY thing my doctor did was put that ear scope thingy in my ear for a few seconds. He then asked if I was telling the truth and told my mom I was faking it to get out of school. A few days later we found the cause, the underside of my bed was covered in mold. I have hated my family doctor ever since and refuse to go back to him.”

8. Doctors Really Say The Most Inappropriate Things Sometimes. 

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

“Of course, ketchup can be classified as vegetable and grape jelly can be classified as a fruit.”

9. Oh, She’s Quite an Alright Nurse. 

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

“The patient left the hospital feeling much better except for her original complaints.”

10. People Don’t Die From Vaccines every day. 

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

“I know. People die from vaccines every day. But I really recommend you get your child vaccinated.”

11. What The F*ck Doctor? 

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

“Maybe you should feed your child some carrot cake so he would eat vegetables.”

12. Why? Because They Don’t Have A Heart? 

Inappropriate Doctorsvia

“It’s not possible for women to acquire heart disease!”

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