20 People Who Broke Their New Year's Resolution Way Too Soon! -

20 People Who Broke Their New Year’s Resolution Way Too Soon!

New year resolutions, it is probably the biggest illusion and lies we create for ourselves. And honestly, none of us ever go straight two days without breaking it. So, stories about people who broke their new year’s resolution are something that you will relate to right away!

These people broke their new year’s resolution way sooner than they thought they would!

1. Well, some people really make some weird new year promises.

broke new year's resolution

2. Well, this one is probably not possible because everybody needs love and attention.

3. That was never gonna happen lol!4. Weed? I mean, seriously, why do you want to make such resolutions that you don’t want to handle?5. Um, what? Dude, honestly, watching porn isn’t a sin (at least to me) if you’re not addicted to it.6. Well, well, a girl has her own needs.7. Look, as far as I think, I don’t care what the rest think as long as I’m being honest.8. Okay, this doesn’t count as breaking your resolution because you were not at your own home.9. Been there, done that, and I’m not torturing myself with this over and over again. 10. Okay, but do you really think that it is being just to yourself?11. Uh-Oh! You didn’t just do that! OMG why?!12. Look, girl, this is just not this is definitely something that you need to work your ass off for. 13. Then, you gotta work for it girl. Or else, I don’t think you’ll be able to pull this one off!
14. Ew! Why would you want to give up non-veg? 15. Well, well, just because you made a resolution doesn’t mean that she would too.
16. Needs. Needs. Needs. It’s all about one’s needs.

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17. Lol! Bro, that is so not a resolution!18. Who even does that? ROFL, that is so hilarious!

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19. You should’ve kept that, really you should’ve.

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20. Exes don’t deserve second chances. I learned that the hard way. read also: These Genius Beauty Secrets From Instagram Will Make You Wonder How You Survived Without Them.


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