These People Overheard Their Best Friends Saying Such Savage Things About them! -

These People Overheard Their Best Friends Saying Such Savage Things About them!

Best Friends are supposed to be your other half right? But, not everybody can make promises and keep them. These people were left heartbroken after the overheard their best friends saying savage things about them.

You too would stop saying, people, your best friends after you read these savage things people overheard about themselves from their bffs!

1. Haha! Really girl? And you dare call me your friend? savage things best friends said

2. You never know who says bad about you behind your back. savage things best friends said

3. Some kids think that just because they have money everybody else has money. No kids, that’s not how things work.savage things best friends said

4. If you want a girl’s love and attention, you need to work for it and mean it.savage things best friends said

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5. Take a hint and save your self-respect. These people are nowhere close to being your friends.

savage things best friends said

6. Well, they do have a habit of saying it on your behalf. And I’m guessing this is what happened. savage things best friends said

7.savage things best friends said

8. If they don’t like you then they shouldn’t really be your friends. savage things best friends said

9. Well, I’m not surprised, people laugh at other people’s weaknesses. savage things best friends said

10. Don’t be insecure about it, you are awesome!savage things best friends said

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11. She deserved this if you really think I’m miserable then why even bother to be with me?savage things best friends said

12. You know what? Don’t make friends so easy. savage things best friends said

13. I don’t honestly understand. If I’m so “boring” why di you even want to be with me?savage things best friends said

14. These people are going to burn in hell, yup, most definitely.

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15. People who think and treat other people this way are weird and ugly.savage things best friends said

16. Is it such a big deal? Why do people have to be so judgemental about it?savage things best friends said

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17. Don’t worry, at least you found a new and better life.savage things best friends said

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18.savage things best friends said

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19. I hope she wasn’t, nobody will out their friends like that, or do they?savage things best friends said

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20. Sometimes, we make mistakes we don’t even want to make.

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