15 Obvious Hints From Girls That Guys Hilariously Ignored!

Well, guys aren’t always particularly the geniuses when it comes to taking hints from girls.
And these guys here have managed to ignore the obvious hints quite brilliantly. They not only completely ruined their chance of having “something more” but ended up looking like complete clueless idiots!

Here are 15 obvious hints from girls that guys hilariously ignored!


Well, I don’t suppose he quite understood what she meant!

obvious hints from girls

2. And then they say that blondes are dumb! Well, he is certainly dumber.

obvious hints from girls


3. Looks like she wasn’t referring to the quiz at all. Oops boy!

obvious hints from girls


4. Well, my guess is you did not pick up on the hint and you kinda regret it.

obvious hints from girls


5. Soccer before a girl, is it? Well, you lost your window pal.

obvious hints from girls


6. How clear do you need her to be, man? I mean she practically laid all her cards out in the front.

obvious hints from girls

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