24 Nasty People Who Will Make You Wanna Leave This Universe.  -

24 Nasty People Who Will Make You Wanna Leave This Universe. 

The world is full of cringe-worthy nasty people who just grind your gears one way or another. Sometimes they just take it up a notch. I’m pretty sure after witnessing these special people, you’ll want to leave this universe too.

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1. Nasty People Tip #1. Be A Cocky Asshole All The Time. 

Nasty People Universe via 

I don’t relapse, I resume.” Let’s see where that gets you in 10 years. Oh, wait! You probably won’t make it that far.

2. I Don’t Wanna Be In The Universe Where These Nasty People Live. 

Nasty People Universevia

Nah that’s nasty. Who fucks their own cousin and post all about it on social media? Oh yes! They are fucking otherwise she wouldn’t be pranking him about it.

3. First Of All, I Think That Tongue Piercings Are Scary. And Secondly, Why Would Anyone Want A Metal Thing Flicking Their Dicks? 

Nasty People Universevia

And nice job objectifying the shit out of that girl bonehead.

4. Just Because You Watch Narcos Doesn’t Mean That You’re Entitled To This Shit. 

Nasty People Universevia

Who else wants to shift to an alternate universe?

5. Why Isn’t That Girl Uncomfortable?These Nasty People Are Making Me Uncomfortable. 

Nasty People Universevia

Who else grabs their grand daughter’s ass like that?

6. Someday One Of Those Kids Will Stumble Upon That Picture When He Grows Up. 

Nasty People Universevia 

Imagine the life-threatening trauma he’s going to get when he finds out how he was really conceived. Unless they tell him of course.

7. Umm. Is That Your Dad? The One Sniffing That Woman’s Crotch Who, By The Way, Does Not Look Like Your 50-Year-Old Mom? 

Nasty People Universevia

What the hell is going on at this party?

8. Well, I Most Definitely Did Not Ask For It? 

Nasty People Universevia

You look creepy. Get off Snapchat.

9. Make It Feel Like Home? Where The Hell Is Your Home? The Nursing Home Waste Facility? 

Nasty People Universevia

Nasty people. Nasty people everywhere!

10. I Don’t Understand What She’s Expecting On Tinder With That Kinda Attitude. 

Nasty People Universe


Keep your farts to yourself, lady.

11. That’s Deliberately Set-Up. You Know It Is. 

Nasty People Universevia 

Nasty people have made this universe a trash can.

12. Craigslist Is One Fucked Up Place. 

Nasty People Universevia

Where do all these weirdos come from anyway?

13. This Thing? Meh. But Buy A Full Functioning Sex Doll And Women Will Lose Their Shit Whining About Being Objectified. 

Nasty People Universevia

I hate double standards.

14. Hygiene. Have You Ever Heard About That? 

Nasty People Universevia

These nasty people probably don’t even know what that shit is.

15. You’re Too Intimidating. 

Nasty People Universevia

Perhaps Brittney from #10 might work out for you.

16. I Gotta Admit. Given The Right Place And The Right Time, This Will Be Irresistible. 

Nasty People Universevia

In the meantime have fun during your dentist appointment.

17. Looks Like You Aren’t On The Same Page With Your Significant Other. 

Nasty People Universevia 

Try couple’s therapy.

18. Stacey. What The Hell? Relax Mom I’m 18. Oh Okay. 

Nasty People Universevia

That was nasty though.

19. I’m So Glad I Don’t Have To Put Up With All This Bullshit In My Newsfeed. 

Nasty People Universevia

Mines full of 100% lit memes.

20. You Guys Have A Serious Drug Problem. 

Nasty People Universevia

And she’s influencing the kid too. What a great baby sitter!

21. Someone Here Is One Hell Of A Chain Smoker. 

Nasty People Universevia

And he’s too lazy to clear the ashtray.

22. Doesn’t Matter. I Was On Air. 

Nasty People Universevia

The things nasty people will do for 15 seconds of fame is baffling.

23. Mines Shrivelling Up This Moment. 

Nasty People Universevia

Seriously. What the fuck?

24. Really? You’ll Live With That? 

Nasty People Universevia

Wow man.

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