These Men Asked Their Girlfriend's Father For His Blessings And Got No For An Answer! -

These Men Asked Their Girlfriend’s Father For His Blessings And Got No For An Answer!

Well, asking your girlfriend father for his blessings for your marriage is definitely one difficult task at hand. But, somehow you need to acquire the courage and ask him, ’cause after all, he is your father in law! Well, these men, decided to do so and asked their father in law, but to no avail, because their father in law said “No!”

If you’re gonna marry your girlfriend and want to ask her father to give you both his blessings, you might want to read these the confessions from these men first who asked their father in law!

1. Well, some people actually know how to make life difficult for you!
men asked their girlfriend father for his blessings

2. Well, not everyone will understand your feelings. And you should not depend on anybody. 

3. Looks like, it is just gonna be you and your girlfriend then!

4. You made a promise to your girl. why not go ahead and live up to that promise?


6. It is not at all about him or what he wants, it is your life and it should be what you want!

7. What! And when will she ever be ready?

8. So, you think you made a mistake? I am gonna take that No as a Yes!

9. Good for you mate. And the father can still attend the wedding if he wants to!

10. Well, Pa, I think he is way better a man than you. So, I’m sorry.

11. Lol, and I’m hoping that you say yes!

12. Wow!

13. You should, because that is your responsibility. Whether they are going to attend or not is entirely up to them!

14. That is just plain rude. They should be happy about it, idk!

15. Dads, in general, can be really really rude. 

16. don’t be, go ahead and propose her, they’ll come around eventually!

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17. That is just mean and rude. And your parents shouldn’t have done this!

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18. Then go and marry him. Problem solved!

Men Tell All: I Asked For My GF's Father's Blessing To Marry Her & He Said No

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19. That is definitely what you should do!blessings from girls' father

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