12 Heartbreaking Last Facebook Updates Posted Prior Death! -

12 Heartbreaking Last Facebook Updates Posted Prior Death!

You never know which facebook updates you make are going to be your last words on social media. Sound eerily creepy right?

Today, I’m bringing to you all a collection of heartbreaking last facebook updates posted prior death.

1. Before Drowning.

National Guardsman Darren Mitchell uploaded this photo of floodwaters swallowing his sinking truck prior death. Darren died that day. It was on May 26th, 2016, in Brenham, Texas.


2. Moments prior death. 

Michelle Rowling’s final facebook updates were made just minutes before her ex-boyfriend stabbed her to death in her apartment.  Her last words were referring to her ex-boyfriend, 25-year-old Montrell Cooper when he was released from jail for assaulting her. via

3. Asking for help.

Michele Cardoso, a bright young medical student posted this when Boate Kiss nightclub burst into flames in Santa Maria, Brazil. Her last facebook updates were of asking for help. via 

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