14 Kids Reveal What It Feels To Have Parents Young Enough To Be Siblings! -

14 Kids Reveal What It Feels To Have Parents Young Enough To Be Siblings!

Sometimes, due to various known unknown reasons, people become parents at a very young age. But we don’t really think about the kids who are growing up with these young parents. These kids reveal about what they really feel like to have parents young enough to be their siblings.

You too would be able to sense their pain when these kids reveal about their feelings to having parents young enough to be siblings!

1. Whoa! Um, but why do you need to date someone 10 years older to you?

2. Okay, so what’s wrong with it? Why can’t she be both?

3. Well, this is one downside to being a kid with a young parent. Sometimes you have to grow up fast.

4. So, sometimes kids tend to follow their parent’s footsteps.

5. Parents always try to do what’s best for you. And honestly, this is what matters the most.

6. Honestly, who can ever live without their mothers?

7. I don’t think it’s the best decision. But there’s no shame.

8. This is exactly what I feel, a child never stops you from achieving your dreams.

9. And don’t you really feel awesome about that! 

10. Why do people have to be so judgemental about everything?

11. Well, nobody wants young parents these days.

12. Well, all moms want whatever is best for their baby.

13. Yep, there definitely isn’t anything wrong with it!kids reveal about having parents young enough to be siblings

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14. Well, everybody feels that way after having a sibling, don’t they?

15. True that!

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16. Because people are shit. But you will definitely achieve great things!

17. Now that’s a proud kid!

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18. Moms go through a lot for us, and appreciation and love are the least she expects from us.

19. Yep definitely, that is so true.

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20. Well, fears sometimes shape us for a better future.


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