12 Jobs That May Become Obsolete In The Not-Too-Distant Future. -

12 Jobs That May Become Obsolete In The Not-Too-Distant Future.

People, trends, governments and even perspectives change with time. So does jobs. In a world with rapidly changing technology, things get outdated. Here is a list of 12 jobs which may become obsolete in the near future because of technological advancements and other reasons.
1. Desktop Publisher. 
Obsolete jobs
A Desktop Publisher creates documents using page layout skills on a computer primarily for print. Graphic Designers, web designers and copy editors are rapidly replacing desktop publishers. Also, since people, these days tend to read the news on screens instead of using the print media.
2. Insurance Underwriter. 

Insurance Underwriters determine the kind of policy coverage an insurance company agrees to ensure. An underwriter also evaluates an insurer’s risk prior to the policy period and at renewal. Automated underwriting software would soon reduce the need for human Insurance Underwriters making this profession obsolete.
3. Travel Agent. 
Travel agents help people with tourism related services like booking hotels, airplane/train tickets, cabs etc. With the internet becoming more mainstream one can easily get these services through various apps available which has made this profession obsolete.
4. Postal Service Worker. 

Obsolete jobs

Postal Workers work at post offices. With the easy access to internet and E-mails, people rarely tend to use postal services. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 28% decline in postal service jobs by 2022.
5. Telemarketers. 

Obsolete jobs

A telemarketer directly talks to prospective customers to convince them to buy their company’s products and services. Artifical Intelligence will soon take up the job and make this profession obsolete.
6. Paralegal. 

Obsolete jobs

A paralegal is a qualified individual who is employed by a lawyer, law office, corporation or a governmental agency. Paralegals and lawyers need to go through thousands of documents in order to find the ones related to the case. Now, databases can do the same task in less time.
7. Accountant And Auditiors. 
Accountants and auditors maintain financial records and check the records regularly to ensure accuracy. Technological advancements will soon eradicate the need for these well-qualified professionals.
8. Technical Writers.
From instructions on your shampoo to a travel brochure, everything is a kind of technical writing. Technical writers are professionals who take up the job of technical communication in fields like consumer electronics, computer hardware, computer software, engineering, chemistry, medical, aeronautics, finance, robotics, and biotechnology. Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over the job. Anyway, you must have already noticed that Linkedin can write your profile description itself.
9. Typists.
A typist is simply someone who types data using either something handwritten or an audio source. Increase in number of tech savy people and enhancing technology is soon rendering this profession obsolete.
10. Watch Repairers. 
Nowadays people mostly turn to their phones or laptop screens to check time. Watches have become nothing but a mere jewellery. On top of that, technology is slowly overtaking such technical jobs.
 11. Gas Station Workers. 
In most of the states of USA gas station workers have ceased to exist. Consumer pump their own gas themselves. The world might soon catch on the trend. Only time will tell.
12. Baristas. 
There is no point in even thinking about doing the job anymore because baristabots are a thing now. Sorry humans.

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