Husband Compiles All The Photos With His Wife From Their Road Trips And They Are Hilarious! -

Husband Compiles All The Photos With His Wife From Their Road Trips And They Are Hilarious!

Road trips are definitely fun especially when you’re traveling with the love of your life. But not every road trip is as fun as it seems to be. Well, there is one husband who actually has turned all his road trips with his wife into fun trips!

This husband has compiled all the photos from the road trips with his wife and the results are absolutely hilarious!

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Well, you may think that long trips with a buddy may turn the driver into some sort of a lord. But, when Redditor MrMagoo21 is behind the wheels, none of the slavery is taking place. But, there is one thing that he definitely loves to do with his wife.

He always makes sure that they have plenty of selfies together while they are on road. But, these are not the kind you would want to get framed and hang up on the walls.

Well, he takes some of the funniest selfies ever to cherish these long drives forever. And these selfies will surely put a smile on your face whenever you see them!

As a kid, his wife was suffering from a really bad case of motion sickness. And, to help her be at ease, her mother used to give her some motion sickness medicine that would usually knock her out on long trips.

Well, now, his sleeping beauty has found a better way to deal with her motion sickness. He assumes that she has probably taken inspiration from Pavlov’s dog experiment and has trained herself to sleep almost instantly as she hits the road. And well, it has definitely lead him to take these awesome yet hilarious selfies!

Here are some of the pictures from their trips, and honestly, it is definitely better if she never finds out about these, like literally never!

That is definitely some deep and passionate love for sleeping!

husband compiles the road trip selfies

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husband compiles road trips photos with wife


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