This Is What Happens When A Man Has Sex With A Pregnant Woman -

This Is What Happens When A Man Has Sex With A Pregnant Woman

One of the first things men worry about after learning their partners are pregnant is whether or not their penis will hurt the baby during sex. This may be a little too much self confidence on the men’s part but it is a fair question.

In reality, during intercourse the penis does not go into the uterus. Furthermore, the baby is nicely protected in the amniotic fluid and the cervix. As long as you have a healthy pregnancy, there is no reason not to enjoy the joy of sex.

As the months progress and the belly grows, you will both need to be creative and even flexible if you want to have intercourse. This just adds to the joy of lovemaking. In fact, pregnant women have higher estrogen and progesterone levels, causing her libido to boost. There are actual positive benefits of getting hot underneath the covers with the mama-to-be.


Lowering blood pressure.

Oxytocin, the happy hormone is released during sex. It will help the mother relieve stress, tension, all while lowering blood pressure.

Increase in hormone levels.

Estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin presence means women are more sensitive and lubricated in the vagina. The release of these hormones also lowers pain and increases pleasure sensory.

Sex makes you happy.

Orgasms release good endorphins which means the baby and the mother will be happy and relaxed. A study reveals that couple who had sex while pregnant were happier together four months and even three years after the arrival of the baby.

Pelvic floor muscles improve.

The pelvic floor muscles need to be strong specially during labour. They are important for bladder and bowel function. Orgasms while pregnant, strengthen the pelvic floor for childbirth and postpartum recovery.

Lower stress.

It’s exciting waiting to welcome a baby into the world. That comes with a lot of preparing and worrying. Sex releases oxytocin which can help with stress and anxiety.

Sleep better.

Sex is fun but it’s also tiring for a pregnant woman. That means she will literally sleep like a baby after a hot and steamy love session.


The release of oxytocin also contributes to the feeling of intimacy between you and your partner.

Increased pain threshold.

Studies have revealed that genital stimulation releases endorphins which increases a woman’s pain threshold. This will be helpful during labour.

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