This is What It Feels Like To Grow Up With Police Officer Parents! -

This is What It Feels Like To Grow Up With Police Officer Parents!

Police officers are scary, parents are scarier, but do you know what beats them both? Police officer parents. Yep, if you too had officer parents, this is pretty much your childhood story!

Growing up with police officer parents feels exactly like this!

1. Well, you definitely grow up having different hobbies. growing up with police officer parents

2. Uh-Oh! Must’ve been the double busting. Poor guy!

3. Well, police or not, parents are relly extra like that!

4. Whoa! Whoa! That s definitely too much in the extra category!

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5. Your dad is definitely taking his duty as a cop way too seriously!

6. Well, I don’t understand what some people really want but they should really stop judging!

7. Whoa! That was definitely a close call and was really lucky for you to escape. 

8. Um, well, I’m taking a guess, they won’t be really happy about it. 

9. Yeah, that is definitely true!

10. This is definitely true, cop or not, you really worry when your dad is out at night.growing up with police officer parents

11. Well, this is really too bad, but I find it funny as hell. 

12. This definitely hurts when your parents have time for everyone but you.

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13. Well, this sounds partially true. growing up with police officer parents

14. But, there are more perks to having cop parents than the cons!growing up with police officer parents

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15. Well, parents do make you proud but this cursing part hurts a lot. 

16. God, this was definitely harsh as hell.

17. What the hell is wrong with some parents though!

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18. Whoa! The good cops are definitely a lot more hard to find. growing up with police officer parents

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19. Somebody is about to get busted soon.

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20. Trust me, pal, cops are scary!


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