Tell Us Your Favorite Sex Position And We'll Tell You How Many Calories You'll Burn! -

Tell Us Your Favorite Sex Position And We’ll Tell You How Many Calories You’ll Burn!

Well, everybody wants to lose weight, but none of them is really willing to run to the gym. So, what’s the next best thing? Sex, duh! Well, this isn’t rocket science that having sex is no less than working out. But, do you wanna know how many calories you burn in your favorite sex position? Read on!

If you’d rather have sex then go to the gym to burn your calories, then you should definitely know how many of them you are burning in your favorite sex position!

1. Oral.

Well, most of you might hesitate on going down on one another. But, you should definitely get going, cause this is known to burn approximately 60 calories!

favorite sex positions burn calories

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2. Handjob.

Well. well, no wonder some of the guys stay in pretty good shape! Well, giving handjob can burn up to 100 calories an hour.

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3. Making out.

This I know, time for you to know too. An average making out of 30 minutes can burn 238 calories!

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4. Missionary.

This might be boring, but this too can burn 60 calories in less than 30 minutes.

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5. The Doggy style.

Well, well, this definitely requires some work and thus can burn up to 110 calories in less than an hour.

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6. Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl style.

The cowgirl or the reverse cowgirl is definitely a lot of work and will help you burn up to 130 calories in 40 minutes!

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7. Frequent sex position change.

But, the best thing that you can do is opt for frequent sex position changes. Research says that frequent position changes result in maximum calorie burn, approximately 150 calories in 40 minutes.


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