You Probably Didn't Know These Famous People Suffered From Mental Illness.  -

You Probably Didn’t Know These Famous People Suffered From Mental Illness. 

Celebrities, entertainers, athletes all have one thing in common. They’re all famous people. But some of them have a sinister thing called mental illness common too. Here are some of them you probably didn’t even know about.

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1. Catherine Zeta-Jones. 
Famous people mental illness


You wouldn’t have imagined that the ravishing Hollywood beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones has struggled with bipolar disorder all her life. Medication and spending time at mental health facilities has helped Catherine control her mental illness.

Famous people don’t always have a perfect life.

2. Elton John. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

Elton suffered from bulimia and substance abuse most of his life. He finally gathered enough courage and asked for help which helped him get back his life and health.

3. Mike Tyson. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

Mike Tyson was the undisputed world heavyweight champion at the age of 20 and was billed as the worst man on the planet but that didn’t help him in his fight with mental illness. He was diagnosed with chronic depression and put on Zoloft to keep his health in check.

4. Jim Carrey. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

Jim Carrey is one of the best comedians in the world. But famous people like him have had their bouts with mental illness. Jim was able to be normal with the help of drugs like Prozac.

5. Adam Levine. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

The popular lead singer of Maroon 5 and a regular judge on The Voice has suffered from ADHD most of his life. Fortunately, he’s learned to cope with it and lead a normal healthy life.

6. Robin Williams. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

Robin Williams was an American comedian and a Hollywood star. Poor Robin lost to his struggle with dementia and Lewy Bodies and committed suicide in 2014.

7. Michael Phelps. 

Famous people mental illnessvia

With 28 Olympic medals under his belt, Michael Phelps is the most decorated swimmer. But strong and famous people like Phelps suffer from mental illness too. He has suffered from ADHD all throughout his life.

8. Drew Barrymore. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

The extremely pretty Barrymore tried to commit suicide as a teenager. Thankfully she recovered and went onto becoming a great Hollywood star.

9. Chester Bennington. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

The popular rock band frontman took his own life this year. He was a child sexual trauma victim and suffered from depression.

10. Angelina Jolie. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

Jolie had been very secretive about her past and her s3x addiction. As a teen, she suffered from depression, have suicidal thoughts and self-mutilate.

11. Buzz Aldrin. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

Even famous people like Buzz Aldrin, who went to the moon suffered from mental illness and depression.

12. Paula Deen. 

Famous people mental illnessvia 

Panic attacks forced Paula to breathe in a brown paper bag for many years.

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