10 Famous Artists Who Straight Up Hated Their Own Creations.  -

10 Famous Artists Who Straight Up Hated Their Own Creations. 

Famous artists often end up disliking their own creations. Some try their best to make sure that their creations never makes it to the public, some even end up destroying them. Here are ten such famous artists who hated their own creations so much that they couldn’t hide it.

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1. Harrison Ford Was Not Happy With Blade Runner.

Famous artists hated creations


Ford wasn’t really a big fan of this movie in which he acted in. He recalls that he wasn’t happy with the quality of the material. The talented actor’s main problem was that he was playing a detective who didn’t get to do any detective work.

2. Billy Joel Hated We Didn’t Start The Fire.

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He claims that the melody is the “worst one I’ve ever written, it’s like a mosquito droning”… That song, however, is one of his greatest hits. Perhaps he got tired of it after hearing it again and again in the studio.

3. David Fincher Also Hated His Creation Which Was Alien 3.

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This horror movie was a nightmare for David who had to work almost 2 years on it. He was also fired thrice from the movie. I think it is agreeable that no one has ever hated that movie more than him.

4. Joel Schumacher Hated Batman And Robin Like No One Else. 

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Famous artists often have mixed feelings about their creations. Joel, however, has unadulterated hatred for this movie. He admitted the fact that he hated this movie in a 2017 interview in which he personally apologized for making such a disappointing movie.

5. Stephen King And His Hatred For Cocaine And Tommyknockers. 

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Stephen hated this novel due to the fact that he was snorting cocaine when he wrote it. He blames his addiction for the awfulness of the book.

6. Youre Beautiful Is Actually A Creepy Song About A Stoned Subway Stalker. 

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Blunt himself has ripped into one of his own creations. “It’s a song about a guy high as a kite on the subway stalking someone else’s girlfriend.” No wonder I never liked that song.

7. Claude Monet Destroyed His Own Paintings. 

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Claude destroyed over a dozen of his paintings in 1908 just before they were to be put up for exhibition at the Durand Ruel gallery. Why? Because he hated his own creations that’s why. Famous artists tend to be like that.

8. Liam Gallagher Hates His Band’s One Of The Most Famous Creations. Wonderwall. 

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I can’t f**king stand that f**king song! Every time I have to sing, I want to gag!” is what Gallagher said in in an interview when he was asked about that song. He states that he wouldn’t mind punching his fans if they come up to him and say “Are you Mr Wonderwall?” 

9. Radiohead And Creep. 

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Radiohead was so creeped out by their song Creep that they refused to perform it live for a long time.

10. Tony Kaye Tried To Have His Name Changed To Humpty Dumpty In The Credits Of American X. 

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