25 Epic Kitchen Fails That Will Make You Will Better About Your Cooking Skills! -

25 Epic Kitchen Fails That Will Make You Will Better About Your Cooking Skills!

Well, cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, there something that everybody has probably encountered, that is, kitchen fails. Yep, we’ve all been through that and though most of us tend to learn from our mistakes, some people never really learn. And they will keep on repeating these horrible yet epic kitchen fails until the end of time!

These people have managed to achieve such epic kitchen fails, that it hurts to laugh!

1. Looks like the bears melted away and died a painful and slow death.epic kitchen fails

2.  That definitely looks like a creature from my nightmare!

3. By the looks of it pal, you’re already dead. Well, too bad you couldn’t survive!

4. Okay, even the cat isn’t happy with whatever you were trying to do!

5. So, the croissant didn’t exactly land from Italy, did it now?

6. Whoa, whoa, whoa! That is not what the kids were expecting!

7.  Um, no, I’m not gonna say anything else. 

8.  Omg! Is that lava or something? That sure as hell doesn’t look like a bun!

9. The oreo bear sure did die a slow and painful death too!

10. Hmm, the smurfs wouldn’t be happy about this at all!

11.  So, I’m guessing this isn’t what you were expecting, not at all!

12. God! This is definitely super scary!

13.  That cat will haunt you forever in your nightmares! And, no, I’m not kidding you!

14.  You really deserve to be killed, my friend. I’m not kidding!

15. Okay, that’s it, I’m gonna throw up right now!

16.  That looks like poop, that definitely looks like poop!

17. Lets just not talk about the realities, please!

18. That definitely doesn’t look like a cake, let alone a dog!

19. My Panda! No, not my Panda, please!

20. No, this looks like a nightmare!

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21. Yuck! What the Fuck is that!

22.  That’s it, not coming to give you any gifts this year!

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23. You look terrible my friend!

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24. That looks like a dick at best. Not even that, God!

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25.  Olaf, my friend, Adieu!


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