8 Grossest Family Secrets That Are Dark As Hell - Page 2 of 3 -

8 Grossest Family Secrets That Are Dark As Hell

4. S*xual Abuse

“My maternal grandfather s*xually abused my mother and all six of my aunts . I found out when my mom and aunt were drinking one night after my grandfather died.”

Pic: A poster against S*xual Abuse

darkest family secrets


5. Raped by a Nazi

“My father is the result of rape by a Nazi soldier during WW2 in Croatia. When he was a young child, his stepdad tried to kill him many times but each time his mother would put my father under her skirts to protect him, and instead threaten to kill herself. My father left home at the age of 15 after being threatened one too many times by family members and others. He too was ashamed of his origin. Then he went to Australia to start a new life. I didn’t find this out until my late teens.”

Pic: A Nazi soldier

darkest family secrets

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