8 Grossest Family Secrets That Are Dark As Hell -

8 Grossest Family Secrets That Are Dark As Hell

Everyone has some embarrassing family secrets.  However, there are few secrets which are astonishing as well as disturbing. They are hard to believe but they are real. In the article below, we see few individuals share their embarrassing and gross family secrets. The article is written in First person and they are true narratives.

Here are 8 grossest family secrets that are dark as hell:

  1. Murder

“My grandfather once beat a man to death with a kitchen chair. This happened back in the early 1950s, and the man was my grandmother’s lover.”

Pic: A pic depicting murder

darkest family secrets


2. The Father Question

“I didn’t know I was adopted until I was 18. Turns out my mom went crazy and was in a mental hospital for a little while. She banged some guy there and got pregnant with me. And all this while she was married to the man I call my father. He promised her to never speak of it and raise me as his own. He was a good man.”

Pic: A boy and his dad

darkest family secrets


3. Zoophilia

“I am related, by marriage, to a man who got caught while having sex with animals. He even went to jail over it.

Pic: A man riding a horse. 

darkest family secrets

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