20 Confessions From Overweight Women Who Don't Want To Lose Weight! -

20 Confessions From Overweight Women Who Don’t Want To Lose Weight!

You know, all of us, I mean at least the majority of us want to lose weight. But, we never think about accepting us just the way we are. I know it is mostly because none of us would ever want to accept overweight women as our ideal dates.

But, these overweight women don’t wanna lose weight and their reasons will make you love yourself!

1. And if he doesn’t love you for what you are inside he doesn’t deserve you.

overweight but don't wanna lose weight

2. And, that is probably the funniest thing about body positivity I’ve ever heard!3. That is definitely relatable, people often think that you got so far because of your looks and not your intelligence.4. Hey, honey, nobody in this world is unlovable. You’ll surely find the who is worthy of you.5. Whoa! I have PCOS too, and I want kids so bad. You don’t realize what’s it like to not being able to have kids when you’re ready for it.
6. Look, I don’t really care what others say until and unless I want to change. You should stick to what you feel.7. Well, that definitely makes a lot of sense.8. Look, losing weight doesn’t have to be a key factor in your love life, the right one will always come along and love you for what you are.9. Haha, that is really cute.10. That is definitely one tough female! You go girl!11. You don’t give a damn about what thinks and care about.12. You don’t have to feel worthless sweetie. You’re every bit the beautiful a girl can be!13. Um, sounds like a silly reason. But, it is okay if that is what you want!14. That, my friends, is what I love the most!15. Losing boobs is so not cool, especially when you really want them.16. Well, this is really sad, I’m sure things will turn around.17. Okay, so, I don’t see anything wrong about that!read also: Here’s How You Can Use Squats To Get a Tighter Booty, Lose Weight and Run Faster!

18. You know they say that laziness is the mother of all inventions!19. I NEED TO GO THERE!

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20. That’s the spirit girl!

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