Common Misconceptions About Various Places Cleared Up -

Common Misconceptions About Various Places Cleared Up

The inhabitants of planet Earth are rather peculiar. They live on the same ball of dirt which floats off in space but still manage to have common misconceptions about certain places even after the invention of the internet.
1. Jamaica Is A Stoner Paradise. 
Common misconceptions places
Common misconceptions like Jamaica is a stoner’s heaven are pushed around almost everywhere. Little do the people know that Jamaica had banned all forms of Marijuana until 2015. Even now, a person is allowed only 2 ounces. If you compare places like Colorado with Jamaica, you’ll find that Colorado legalized the use of Marijuana even before Jamaica. 
2. Common Misconceptions About Places Like Antarctica. 
We all like to think that Antarctica is a completely covered with ice all throughout its regions which is quite wrong. There are various places in this icy continent which are not completely white. For example, The Wright Valley. 
3. Common Misconceptions About Places Like Somalia Is That It’s Riddled With Piracy. 
The fact is that it was, up until 2013. Now places like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia suffer the pirate migration.
4. Kenya Is Not A Poor Country.
Whenever people from better off countries hear about countries like Kenya, they automatically assume that it is an impoverished country. However, Kenya is a modern place which is catching up the rest of the world quite fast. It has big cities which houses over 3 million of its citizens.
5. Sochi, Russia Is Not Buried In Snow.
True, they did host the 2014 winter Olympics and during that time it looked like a freaking ice age but it also gets a good share if the sunny days.
6. England Is Such Dreary Country (It’s Not A City As Nick Crompton Might Have Led You To Believe) Where It Rains 24×7.
Some common misconceptions about England are that it’s always raining there. The fact is, almost every European country experiences the same amount of rainfall any cities of England does.
7. Common Misconceptions About England #2. They Drink A Lot Of Tea. 
Which is also bollocks. If you search for the countries which have the highest rate of consumption of tea. You’ll find that countries like Kuwait, UAE and Seychelles are the top three consumers of tea followed by England in the 4th place.
8. England Again But This Time It’s The Big Ben.
People often call The Elizabeth Tower the Big Ben. Many of us don’t know the difference between the two. The whole tower is called The Elizabeth Tower and the bell inside the tower is known as Big Ben.
9. Madagascar Is Not A Jungle.
It’s actually a thriving economy with lush hotels, shopping malls, an airline service and a booming population of 1.4 million.
10. Syberia Is Not A White Wasteland.
It can get quite warm over there. Temperatures reach up to 87 degrees Fahrenheit or 31 degree Celsius in peak summer.

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