12 Celebrity Dads And Their Daughters All Grown Up!

Raising kids and handling a successful career is a tough job. But these celebrity dads have done a great job indeed. But, handling beautiful daughters who are as famous as their fathers is not easy! Have a look at at the list of celebrity dads and their daughters and see for yourself why it gets “so tough”!

Here are 12 Celebrity dads with their daughters all grown up who will make your jaw drop!

1. Lenny Kravitz And Zoe Kravitz.

Zoe Kravitz probably has the coolest dad in the Hollywood world. Not only she has the striking good looks from daddy and model mom Lisa Bonet. She also has the coolest advisers on her team!

celebrity dads and their daughters


2. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Katherine Schwarzenegger.

The Terminator’s daughter is one of the best examples for somebody who loves her dad way too much. Not only does she bear good looks from her father she also has a great heart. When her parents split, she supported her dad throughout and still makes a great duo with him.

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3. Harvey Keitel and Stella Keitel.

Stella Keitel is the daughter of the Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Harvey Keitel and wife Lorraine Bracco.

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4. Eminem and Hailie Mathers.

This is one dad who needs no introduction at all. The world knows how much daddy loves his princess and he would do anything for her. The nasty divorce between the rapper and his wife didn’t let daughter Hailie suffer. But, she prefers leading a relatively normal life, unlike her dad.

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5. Clint Eastwood and Francesca Eastwood.

Francesca Fisher Ruth Eastwood is the daughter of the famous actor Clint Eastwood. She is an American actress, model, television personality and socialite.

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6. Johnny Depp and Lily Rose.

Lily Rose Melody Depp is the daughter of Captain Jack Sparrow, a.k.a Johnny Depp. She is a French actress and model.

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7. Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus. 

Now this father daughter duo hardly needs an introduction. Because we all 90s kid know who they are. On screen and off screen Miley Cyrus did have the best of both worlds when it came to father daughter duo.

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8. Bruce Willis and Tallulah, Rumer, And Scout Willis.

Bruce Willis And Demi Moore were definitely one of the power couples in the Hollywood. And they were fine parents to their three beautiful loving daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.

celebrity dads and their daughters

9. Brian Williams and Allison Williams.

Allison Williams, daughter of renowned actor Brian Williams is an actress and best known for her role as Marnie Michaels in HBO comedy-drama series Girls.

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10. Rod Stewart and Renee Stewart.

Dancer and model, Renee Stewart, is a surely a chip off of old rock- Dad Rock. She says, though she is the daughter of a singer, dance is what she is most passionate about.

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11. Keith Richards and Theodora Richards.

Theodora Dupree Richards is an American model and the daughter of Patti Hansen and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, and the older sister of Alexandra Richards.

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12. Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump.

Does this duo even need an introduction? Yeah, I thought so too!

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