Badass Facts You Never Knew About Samuel Jackson -

Badass Facts You Never Knew About Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson has been in the movie business for almost four decades now and there are only a few people who don’t enjoy his movies. You may think you know him well but there are some badass facts about him which are less known to the world.

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1. Childhood Stutter. 

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Samuel Jackson had a stuttering problem when he was a kid which he overcame by using “motherf***er”. All this time we never knew. Badass enough? 

2. Worked As A Social Worker. 

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He worked in LA. It’s just too weird to imagine a badass Samuel Jackson as a social worker asking you to share your problems.

3. Wanted To Become A Marine Biologist. 

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Samuel Jackson wanted to become a marine biologist and even attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He probably would have ended up eaten by a shark-like in Deep Blue Sea. 

4. Acted As A Negotiator. 

Samuel Jackson badass facts


 Just as his movie The Negotiator in which he co-starred with Kevin Spacey, Samuel became a badass negotiator of sorts during his activist days at college when he and other students took the college trustees hostage while demanding curriculum reforms. 

5. Debut Film. 

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Samuel Jackson’s debut film was Together for Days, a film about the effect of interracial relationship on friends and family. It was later released as Black Cream which sounds even more lurid.

6. Drugs Are Bad For You. 

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Jackson spent almost ten years performing in plays in New York City and he became an alcoholic and drug addict. After he came out of rehab he was acting as a junkie in Jungle Fever. Everyone feared he would relapse but after completing the film he said,  “I will not pick up again for no other reason than I do not ever want to see you in my life again.” Such a badass.

7. We Made Up An Award For You. 

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Jungle Fever became highly critically acclaimed and during the 1991 Cannes film festival a special category of “Best Supporting Actor” was created just for the badass Samuel Jackson.

8. Pulp Fiction. 

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Samuel was not a famous actor before Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Tarantino was so impressed with him that he created the badass character Jules Winnfield just for him.

9. Who Needs Hair?

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When Samuel started losing hair he simply chose to go bald because he likes “ending up on those bald is beautiful lists. It’s cool.”

10. Afro Zone.

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Despite being bald, Jackson is the voice actor in Afro Samurai, a badass sword-wielding warrior with a head full of hair.

11. Star Wars.

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Samuel Jackson is a huge fan of Star Wars series and when he got an opportunity to be cast in it he made a go of it without knowing what role he will play. So glad we got him as the badass Mace Windu.

12. I Want My Own Signature Light Saber. 

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Samuel Jackson is such a badass that he that he decided to get a purple light saber in Attack of The Clones. When director Josh Lucas said that light sabers were traditionally green or red Jackson said: “Yeah, but I want a purple one.” He so loved it that he got it inscribed with “bad motherf***er.”

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