These AI Bots And Apps Won't Let You Feel Alone When Your Friends Ditch You.  -

These AI Bots And Apps Won’t Let You Feel Alone When Your Friends Ditch You. 

AI or Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. Many of us aren’t aware of the fact that artificial intelligence has been around us since the industrial revolution. These days bots are the next being thing. Therefore we present to you the best of such chatbots to try out!

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1. Watching Girl App. (iOS/Free.)

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Who needs a wife when you’ve got this? This app basically has recordings of a Japanese woman watching you so that you never feel lonely. Leave it to the Japanese to make something absolutely weird!

2. SimSimi. (Android & iOS/Free.) 

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SimSimi is a highly advanced chatbot that will make sure you never feel alone. It talks about literally everything. Yes, bad words too!

3. Pocket Girlfriends. (iOS/$0.99)

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This one is for all the forever alones out there. Just pay $0.99 on the app store and get your own fake girlfriend. Be careful though! You don’t want to merge your reality with this!

4. Pocket Boyfriend. (iOS/$0.99)

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You thought only men are the unlucky ones when it comes to the opposite sex? Even the women have a partner app for them. This animated boyfriend uses those sweet one liner pick-ups that over girl loves, and you can even touch him.

5. BackTalk 2. (Android / ₹135)

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This app features a fully animated cat like alien being who has the ability to converse with you, joke with you and many more. Pretty cool right? These AI Bots are getting good.

6. Bot World AI Chat Friend. 

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This app brings the wet dream of every techno freak to life. The developers claim that it’s  AI is so advanced that it can replicate human-like qualities.

7. Hike’s Natasha. 

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NATASHA, it is an implementation of Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (A.L.I.C.E) created by Dr.Richard Wallace. And she’s pretty smart too.

8. Andy English Bot. 

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I’ve personally chatted with many bots on Facebook messenger but this one takes the cake. Andy is inquisitive and smart. There are, of course, a few shortcomings but Andy simply shifts the blame on its creator.

9. Christian Grey Chatbot. 

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The famous Christian Grey in the flesh! Well not in the flesh but he sure talks like Grey. All the girls going gaga over the book might enjoy this experience.

10. Mitsuku Chatbot. 

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Google ‘Chat bots to talk to’ and the first result will be the Mitsuka Chatbot. She is friendly but will stand her ground when you argue with her (That’s almost the real deal!)

11. Clever Bot. 

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After that picture, I don’t even have to explain this one!


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A female companion bot with a smart and capable AI to challenge you with questions. Eviebot is one promising companion bot.

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